Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

less is more

Is less really more? Or is more more? While I'm a big fan of clean chic, combination of only 2 colors maximum and little accessories, I have to say there are certain things where more is just well.... more. Take this ring I bought it in this super awesome store and was instantly delighted. While some people gave me that look of "Wow, she's really trying" I feel as long as you only use one extravagant accessorie it's fine. It only begins to look trashy once you for example combine huge earrings with sparkly necklace and bracelets as well as a oversize glitter handbag, leopard high heels and oversize sunglasses. That is the adult entertainment look. Don't however be afraid of trying statement necklaces or accessories, they don't make you look as if you try to hard but they give you confidence. Yes, too much confidence is definetly bad too but so is less. In conclusion more concentrated is more, don't you think?

Still loving fashion,

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