Donnerstag, 14. März 2013


 I love spikes and after asking my friends for a description of my style they declared me to be "Pretty punk". Which in my opinion is definetly a compliment. Now after 2 nights of almost no sleep I was not in the mood to pull of any bold colors so I settled for my all time favortie, punky all-black. It stands out, is comfy and looks awesome without looking as if you are trying to hard. I love the oversize sweater, as one of the best fashion inventions ever made (after high heels of course) is comfy glam. After the boyfriend jeans, pjama pant and now oversize sweaters and tank tops coming back, I'm purely delighted that women managed to look sexy and stylosh without having to squeeze into super tight outfits. Men do it all the time, looking hot in sweats, when we do it we look like married women in the middle of a divorce. So now dare to be faboulously sexy in oversize ;) 
Please however do remeber that it doesn't suit all body types, while some oversize things can look good in plus-size be careful not to look as if you've gained weight. Also oversize normally looks best with tight or short, like an oversize sweater over a mini-skirt, or a pair of PJ pants and a tight ripped tank top. Too much large can end up looking like wannabe swag.
so stay cool and don't try to hard, sexiness is natural for women so enjoy ;)

Still loving fashion,

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to find me! I love the spiked look, and I agree it's sexy without being too revealing. Looks great!



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