Samstag, 30. März 2013

sex on fire

During my last post I mentioned tow jackets one was the lace blazer and the other... a red, leather jacket!!! If you are now not thinking something along the lines of "OMG" there is definetly something wrong with your fashion sense. I have to admit I had never really been a fan of red but the things I have to bergrundgingly admit look absolutely alluting are red leaather, lipstick and pants. (Not in combination of course!) So when unpacking this jacket I was totally excited. Not only does it attract so much attention but it was also very well fitted and had such soft leather it could've been butter 

Of course there is that list of basics every women needs but today I have to ask myself is there still such a list? I mean really, now that I have one I feel evryone needs a red leather jacket (although I also say the same about Louboutins, lace and high heels) and I know there are many women out there who wouldn't be caught dead in any of those. So are there still basics you need? Aren't there today so many people who don't even posses a simple tank top anymore because they find it too boring? Being the inquisitive person that I am (:D) I googled fashion basics and this is the list I got:

Black tank.
Short-sleeved white T-shirt.
Short-sleeved black T-shirt.
Long-sleeved white T-shirt.
Long-sleeved black T-shirt.
Black turtleneck.
White button-down shirt (one cotton, one silky).
Crisp white blouse.
Crewneck sweater.
A black dress.
Pencil skirt.
Black pants.
Skinny jeans.
Khaki pants.
Denim jacket.
Cropped jacket.
Black cashmere wrap.
Ballet flats (in a neutral or a versatile red).
Basic black pumps.
Metallic evening shoes.

H0netsly? I don't have a black turtle neck tshirt because I think no  one under 80 should wear one. I HATE turtlenecks they look so stupid and are unflattering! V-nec hsirts and turtleneck tank tops but never turtleneck tshirts, I mean seriously the name says it all do you wnat a turtleneck?! Now I don't have a denim jacket, pencil skirt, cashmere wrap or khaki pants because t simply not my style. I don't believe in boring stuff you can pull on evry day and everywhere. I believe that however sh*t you feel and whatever bad hair, face or figur day you have you do not need to dress broing and become invisble! Life is much to beautiful to be invisble. So instead of a "cashmere wrap with a pencil skirt and pumps" I will pull on a leatehr jacket, leggins and oversize sunglasses.

Tell me do you agree with the list above? Do you have any essentials? Or do you buy what you feel is awesome, ignoring lists and rules like me because fashion is art, and art has no limits!

Still loving fashion,


  1. love the jacket.. but still love turtlenecks.. maybe just not to tight on the body:)
    great post as usual honey and thank you soo much for your lovely comment, totally made our day:)
    lots and lots of love from switzerland!

  2. Cool look :>

  3. Love your jacket xx


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