Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Awww cute

Generally speaking "awww cute" is the normal reaction when we see a baby animal of any type.   I personally think it's very mean that we often forget to acknowledge that these animals are still cute when they are grown up. Instead people kill them and either eat them or wear them, which I as a vergetarian just despise. I however have to admit that animals are so cute that we just have to wear them, but Not by killing there are much friendlier ways :)

A Great Trend is of course Print. Leopard doesnt have to Look if you combiniert it Novell with clean Platin pants and Little make up. Feather Hair Bands are one of my favorite eye catchers and they also serve wonderfully to distract from Hair you didnt have time to wash because you were busy watching americas next topmodel (admit it happens way too often, you always SAY you'll wash it before but then your Shopping and working and cooking and doing a Million other Things which get you so tired you can't be bothered to Drag your behind up early to wash it before work and well...) Anyways, feather hair accessories should however always be kept in reasonable size.   You shouldn't look like an eagle about to take off but as if a little singing bird had lost a couple of feathers which you collected on your vacation in Bora Bora( no one knows its not true and the accessory is a great conversation starter)

Now my absolute favorite is however the animal hat and no im NOT talking about some russian Fox which i dumped in my Head but about the hats you can now buy everywhere with the cute toddels. My favorite is the Panda although it does at Times make me Look like some kinda wanna be Rapper :P it does however definetly get the attention it deserves and creates Two bold Statements at once
1. you are not killing any innocent, Little animals and cruelly turning them into clothing
2. you have the cooolest Trend right there on your Head ;)

So the next Time you have a Bad Hair day put on a Animal accessory and rock that style ;)

Still loving fashion,


  1. this is soooo cute! and that trick with the bad hair day and beanie works - do that all the time;) lots and lots of love from switzerland honey!

  2. Antworten
    1. Thanks so much you guys! Your comments really make me smile :)

  3. Great idea! This is so cutee!!



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