Samstag, 16. März 2013

When do we cross the line?

I have lately become infatuated with the classy "covering more is sexy" look, but I still love my killer heels, studs and leather. It was while I was trashing one of those teen stars for looking like a complete wh*re for wearing leather ands studs in cobination, a guy pointed out I what I was wearing: leather shorts and oversize blazer with studs. I was, for a change, baffled, speechless and horrified, was I a wh*re?

After the initial shock I tried to justify myself saying I wasn't wearing leather from top to bottom and my shirt wasn't showing much and how there were only a few studs on my blazer when I realized no one was really listening anymore. That's when I figured where the difference lies: today we have become much too accustomed with the terms b*tch, h*e, sl*t and wh*re. Today everyone is a wh*re for wearing a mini and this where we all go wrong. The dicionary definition of a wh*re is: 

whore |hôr|
noun derogatorya prostitute.• a promiscuous woman.

Wearing studs doesn't mean you sleep around. That's where I figured where we all went wrong. We can wear whatever we want as long as it is somewhat appropriate, meaning you can't wear hotpants to church, or hot pink to a funeral, but if you like tose super high heels who are those stupid people to say you are promiscious? You can wear whatever you want as long as you do it with class. With that I mean is that you shouldn't lose your self respect when wearing appealing outfits, Men should be gentlemen and saying they grabbed your behind because of  what you were wearing is just a pathetic excuse and a clear show of that mans bad character. No man is allowed to treat us like hookers, wether we are waring long skirts and buttoned up blouses or shiny mini-dresses. 
In conclusion I would refrain from wearing too arrousing outfits to work, but hey! thats what contrasts are there for. Should you wear a tight short-ish skirt, just pair it with a pair of flats or a clean, chic blouse. Don't wear super high heels with a stomache free shirt and shorts but pair them with boyfriend jeans instead, or a maxi-skirt. We are what we behave like. Behave like a lady and you are one because you know all those women trashing your shoes are just jealous because they would be too afraid to pull them off ;)

Still loving fashion,<3

My new Steve Maddens ;) Going to own them no matter what they say :)


  1. Great post! Those shoes are to die for.


    1. Thank you! It really makes my day to see others enjoying my posts!

  2. Nice high heel shoes.


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