Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Cuz i am passionate

Once again saw something I loved and made the person stop to get a snapshot of these super awesome shoes. Look like Giuseppe zanotti right?! Nope, they're Zara, which once again proves that those People refusing to wear anything but Gucci, Prada and Co. are plain STUPID.

Yes, I get the arguement about the quality and how cheap Brands are often produced by children in poor countries, which I obviously dont approve of, but mega Brands as Zara and H&M have begun to use fair trade (a cheer for that!) So whats they're excuse then? Really they believe that the more expensive an item is the prettier it is. These shoes prove them wrong! 

Brands which are a bit cheaper are ideal to buy a trend you're not sure is going to Last, or on a item you know your Not going to wear a Lot of Times. Also, since they're cheaper  you dont have to quit shopping for a year after splurging on something ;) Anyway these shoes imperson that although I have to admit I would also have fallen in Love with them if they were Giuseppe zanotti simply becasuse then they would last longer and be better for my Feet :D so sometimes I guess we just have to choose: quality or Price? As Long as its not produced by children or under any horrid conditions

Still loving fashion,

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