Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Empire State of mind

Well, here it finally is. The post about the city of dreams, skyscrapers and fashion. New York. When I think New York I automatically think of sex and the city and of yellow cans rushing through the streets, of diners and delis, museums and art and Central Park and Versace and Louboutin. What really fascinates me about this city is that it's full of people with only one dream, to make it in New York In New York there are people smarter, prettier, more talented or richer than you. Every individual is different and to stand out is almost impossible. You could walk down the street naked and not many heads would turn. The energy and drive of the people is incredible. Life is hard and you life in mouse size apartments which cost a fortune and you barely have enough money to eat but you don't care because you still have the dream to make it in New York That is what I think makes ny so special since the first Europeans came here everyone always wanted to live in NY, everyone had the same dream and this has never changed. When you walk along blocks you hear hundreds of languages, smell aromas varying from hot dogs, burned halal and pollution, you feel energy and hectic along with fascination of tourist giddily holding their Starbucks in one hand map in the other munching nerds and staring up towards the blue blue sky . If you are a New Yorker you live for this city. You live for the hailing of cabs, laundry services open in the night, shopping until late and the cheesy fantasy of finding love
I hope you, the ones who have that amazing job, hot husband and penthouse wake up everyday thankful for what you have and live the life. Because always remember there are a million of us still waiting to make it in the Empire State of mind

Still loving fashion,


  1. great post! reminds me of gossip girl - miss it soooo much!
    anywayysss thank you sooo much for your lovely comment, totally made our day:)
    lots and lots of love

  2. Thank you so much it means a lot to me! Yes, gosh I'm going to miss Serena telling the story of the life I wish I had ;) But you can always rewatch those old episodes


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